TcxCreator merges hrm and gpx files into tcx files. Tcx files may be imported at Endomondo, Strava, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper as given examples (,,, This is a ‘beta’ release under development.

-Bug tracker

It currently supports:

  • gpx version 1.0 and gpx version 1.1.
  • hrm version 1.05, hrm version 1.06, hrm version 1.07
  • tcx version 1.0, tcx version 1.1

You can drag and drop multiple files on to the form, they will then be processed in batch mode. You can specify to have the tcx-file automatically uploaded to Strava or emailed to an email adress, you will also find the tcx file in the specified output folder.


  • -Starts with windows, runs in background, monitores folder
  • -Time synchronization between files, it gets the correct time/timezone from the computer
  • -Upload to Strava
  • -Email
  • -Post altitude calibration (easily correct altitude data after training)
  • -Custom calorie algorithm
  • -Tacx devices or similar (calculates timestamps for gpx route trackpoints, in theory you could have your Polar heartsensor and footpod and still get the track you were running on a map)
  • -US/Euro units
  • -Laps
  • -Heartrate, speed, cadence (bike or run), altitude (from either hrm or gpx), power, latitude, longitude

More features in the settings of the application, and more features to come…

Please use the bugtracker-page for tracking/submitting new bugs and feature requests. Thank you! :)

Disclaimer: The author of TcxCreator are not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.

.NET 3.5
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

If you appreciate the work and would like to buy me a beer, please click the PayPal donate image underneath ;)



26 thoughts on “TcxCreator

  1. Allan

    TCX Creator is great tool. The most simple and easy to use for Polar watches.

    But version 1.13.25 has some bug compared to ver 1.10.22. The distance calculated in TCX file from the GPX and HRM files is wrong. The distance is always too short. Example: 8.35km running showed 8.05km in ver 1.13.25. But in ver 1.10.22 it was correct 8.348km. Also the time is less in the new version. It somehow cut the last 1-2 minutes of the training data.

    1. jmelhus

      Looked into it, the last lap does not correspond with the length of the exercise in the hrm file. Logic for this is added, version is being tested for the moment. Will be released soon…

  2. Jan-Ove Iversen

    I also get this .gpx error message. Can only convert .hrm files. Did you find and solution for this? Could it be my recording rate on the Polar watch? Default is 5sec, but i have set it to 2sec. Hope to hear from you.

    1. jmelhus

      Hi Jan-Ove,

      I looked into Ricardo’s gpx files. The timestamps are not valid. Therefore the gpx-file is not valid anymore. TcxCreator check for file validity against gpx protocol version 1.0 and 1.1 before parsing it:

      From file at line 277:

      I believe the minute is formatted wrong, looks like 50 is supposed to be 05..? Since it increments up above 59, and continues with 10 and 11.

      This seems to be Polar specific problem (ref: ). Maybe there is an update available for your watch that could fix this bug?

      If not it could be an option to bypass the timestamp check.

      If you send me your files, I can have a look and see if you have the same problem as Ricardo have?



      1. jmelhus

        Hi Jan-Ove,

        I looked into your files, the gpx file is invalid. Look at line 12:



        The xml time element contains invalid characters and a non representable time.

        I have seen several Polar gpx files like this. This is coming from Polar.

        When I have time, I will look into how to bypass this.



        1. s_hauge

          I have seen that happen in the start of a training, I think it is related to pressing start just before or just after the gps finds the position. It is easy to open the gpx file and delete those

          1. jmelhus

            Faulty trackpoints is now ignored by the application, but the gpx is still parsed so the other trackpoints are merged with the hrm-file.

    2. Jan-Ove Iversen

      Thanks guys. My workout files today converted just fine. No errors, I dont know why, but maybe s_hauge is on to something about the GPS signal and the start of the workout? I’ll keep this in mind in my future rides.

  3. disqus_XZTPi4h4Zs

    No plan to release source code open source? I would like support for polar personal trainer xml files and I would like to contribute.

  4. Klatrepus

    Great tool, thanks a bunch! Does not correct for daylight savings if you import a file created in a different time zone than the current. Easy to correct manually, though.

    Transferred the bike 540 km ride from Trondheim to Oslo in 2007 and distance was spot on but total ascent was quite different (3645 m in Polar Protrainer vs 2650 as imported into Endomondo).

  5. giorgitd

    This is fabulous! But when I import the .tcx (created from a Polar S720I .hrm), into Garmin Connect, I see the HR data effectively, but the altitude data is weird…The GC altitude vs time pane is blank, but the summary stats appear. Opening the altitude pane as a separate window shows what appears correct data, but offset by a few 100 feet…Still, wonderful, thanks!

  6. Skovmand

    Hi, and thanks for the tcxcreator! We need more software to improve the Polar experience and usability.

    If you are on Mac or Linux or if you just need a quick and easy merge of gpx and hrm into a combined gpx, check this site: ..

  7. Alex VanLaningham

    I just donated a second time… Small but please keep working on this. It is indispensable… Combine it with dropbox and after you drop gpx+hrm in a folder with TCX creator monitoring folder, you get auto import to every where that is important :) social with all my friends… I am planning on buying power meter does this work with polar power data too?

    1. jmelhus

      Thanks for the donation! Yes it shall work for Polar power meter as well. If you run into any problems, please let me know and I will look into it…

  8. BishopAucklandBiking

    Can anyone help me with automatically uploading into Strava, I can not seem to get the settings correct.

    1. jmelhus

      Hi, I added a FAQ section to the documentation page where such a topic is answered. Can you try the description there? Hope it helps…

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  11. Wojciech Korczak

    Great app! The best conversion from gpx+hrm files.
    One important note. At the beginning I have encountered some problems with the altitude. Output files, uploaded to Endomondo contained speed, HR, laps etc but was without altitude. I think this is because Polar gets altitude from google maps (I use RCX5) and it adds it to Personal Trainer after synchronisation. So one should take a hrm file from WebSync, but gpx file from Personal Trainer to get a proper tcx file with all data.

    1. jmelhus

      Thanks! Yes, I believe you are right. Polar adds elevation data after it is uploaded to Polar Personal Trainer. Other sites does this as well (like Strava), but unfortunately Endomondo does not seem to do this yet. If you use an altitude sensor with your Polar equipment it will be added to your tcx file when using TcxCreator. One other option would be to use this online tool to assign the elevation profile to the gpx file containing the gps coordinates:

  12. leen alturk

    please could anyone reply me rapidly …..I opened a KMl fime saved from google earth on the TCX converter but it didn’t update the altitude of the points what is the problem ??or what can I do ??please it is so important :) thank you

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  14. Katy

    Hi I’m trying to obtain contour and terrain data from google earth to autocad. I’ve imported a kml file into the program and used update altitude the altitude data all changes to OCTYPE HTML, I’m no computer wizz so it might have a really simple solution like allowing the program to go online or something? I was just wondering if anyone knew what I can do to get my altitude?! I also have access to digimaps data download for free if anyone has any solutions I can get from there? and I use a mac by the way :) thanks


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